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The Liquid Academy Live Theatre will be curated and hosted by the Liquid Academy again this year. It will feature a number of incredible speakers and drinks related sessions, all designed to inspire the audience to embrace the latest in global drinks innovations. All attendees at the show will be given an opportunity to experience drink tastings and come away with some tips, tricks and knowledge that they can take back to their bars, restaurants and hotels.

"Unlock Your Sense Of Smell - Gin Aromatics"  Aroma Academy, Kim Lahiri    

With a background in Biological Science and significant experience in the perfumery and aromatherapy sectors, Kim Lahiri will be taking you on a journey of discovery and enlightenment to heighten and unlock your sense of smell.

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Simple Serve Sophistication, Liquid Academy

Working in harmony with 6 unique mixers - this session is designed to highlight some of the unusual ingredients that are entering the soft drinks market.

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 Cask Finish Whisky Tasting, Barry Chalmers, From Grain to Cask

This session will focus on a comparative style tasting of 4 different styles of Casked Whisky.

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Liquid Academy, The Spectrum of Modern Mixology 

Covering a myriad of modern drinks innovations – this presentation will showcase leading trends in the evolving world of Mixology showcasing the latest technique and innovations bring adopted around the world.

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"Cannie Scot’s in the Ceylon", Single Estate Tea, Dananjaya Silva From PMD Tea        

In this session you will learn about the process from plantation, to people who enjoy drinking tea everyday and the incredible difference and diversity of flavour available to the consumer and trade.

Dananjaya Silva


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