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The Covered Market in partnership with SALSA serves as one of the highlight attractions of the show aimed at chefs, F&B purchasers and restauranteurs. Take this opportunity to meet with local, independent raw ingredient suppliers face-to-face, hear their story and gain an understanding into how their produce will help transform your menus. The Covered Market covers artisanal producers across 6 specialist categories:









Who will you meet?

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Cows and Co are a group of like-minded artisan cheese producers, farmers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing a brand of high quality premium food and drink products and making them available to a wider audience.

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Virginia Health Food's products range from delicious gluten free baking mixes to highly nutritious seed mixes for cereal toppings, crunch toppings, salad toppings and snacks.


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Whilst there are many products on the UK market calling themselves ice cream, not many are the genuine article. The ice cream that is produced at Stewart Tower is made to an italian gelato-style recipe. The UK market is currently predominantly supplied with ‘hard’ American-style ice cream which tend to have a high vegetable oil content and are not as light nor as creamy in texture as gelato-style ice cream that we make.







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