Alliance to showcase new ranges at ScotHot 2019

We at Alliance Scotland are looking forward to displaying a wide variety of new product lines from our suppliers for ScotHot visitors to view. The first assortment of products is from Steelite, including their Dapple range and the coloured additions of their award-winning Willow collection. In addition, we will be presenting their new Potter’s Collection, a beautiful naturalistic line by Robert Gordon. With Dapple’s retro and hardwearing nature, Willows refinement and the Potter’s contemporary earthy tones, these three ranges represent our product diversity and quality. As well as these new crockery ranges, we will also be exhibiting numerous buffet and glassware ranges from Steelite.

Studio Prints RakuFrom Churchill, we will feature their new Studio Prints ranges, including Stone and Raku. The centre-burst pattern of Stone is dramatic and unique, allowing them to function perfectly as signature pieces to compliment another range. The collection is available in three stunning colours, each bringing their own individual aesthetic to any table top environment.

Raku on the other hand, boasts a centre-fade design complete with a lightly dappled texture to create an unforgettable visual experience. The five colour schemes offer a fantastic selection which work equally well together, as they do a stand-alone collection. Both Stone and Raku are made from Churchill’s celebrated super vitrified material, ensuring both can satisfy the practical requirements of a busy hospitality setting. Naturally, there will be a variety of other new ranges from Churchill, including new Stonecast colours, not to mention buffet and tableware solutions.

Along with Churchill and Steelite, we will be displaying the beautiful new Copper Glow and Rock Black Shale crockery ranges from Villeroy & Boch. Both are simply remarkable in providing fine dining establishments with a unique alternative to standard whiteware. With Rock Blacks distinctive slate-esque appearance and matt black finish, it is perfectly suited for gourmet cuisine presentation.

Equally, Copper Glow is also well-placed for serving an epicural menu. Its intense colour and hand-painted finish makes it ideal for boutique and artisan environments. Both ranges are made from a premium porcelain, giving them fantastic anti-chip qualities as well as being dishwasher and microwave proof too.

In conjunction with crockery, we will be featuring the latest chef knife collection from Amefa, along with select ranges of their cutlery to maximise the breadth of product lines that we will be showcasing. We will also be presenting casual enamel dining ware from Utopia, together with the glass and barware items also present on our stand.

In addition, there will also be example pieces of larger commercial equipment. The items will not be operational but will allow attendees to gain a more informed idea of the dimensions and working mechanics of the products. One such appliance we will feature is the Winterhalter PT Series Pass-Through warewasher. The TÜV Rheinland LGA certified washer, with its innovative technology and design, can handle the toughest of stains in any commercial environment. Not only does it clean at speed, increasing the efficiency of wash-cycle times but it also cuts operating costs by up to 32% thanks to a magnet-driven rinsing system when coupled with the EnergyPlus option.

Furthermore, we shall be exhibiting a small gin bar to promote various Beaumont barware pieces, and our current on-trend wooden crates for supplementary flair and character.