As you explore ScotHot, you may notice an abundance of lush greenery and floral installations throughout the SEC. This will be provided by our long-term supporters, Benholm, who return to ScotHot in what is their 30th year in business.

The past three decades have seen the family business expand and prosper, creating and maintaining beautiful, planted environments for the hospitality, events, retail and corporate industries. Benholm use the principles of biophilic design, sometimes referred to as ‘bringing the outside inside’, to promote the natural health benefits that being surrounded by plants can bring.

Reflecting on the milestone, Adrian Byne, co-founder of Benholm, has enjoyed the creative aspect of working with some of Scotland’s best-known hotels, bars and restaurants: Hospitality businesses tend to want something unique and memorable that will help their venue to stand out and ultimately, attract more customers. This allows us to get creative and explore the possibilities of what can be achieved with plants and flowers to enhance the guest experience.”

To see examples of their work and get some plantspiration for your business visit